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Absent Healings

Are you too busy to commit essential time to your healing?
Is distance prohibitive?

Now you can improve your health and well-being as often as you wish from wherever you are!

You don't need to be 'doing' or 'not doing' anything at the time other than be drug and alcohol free. I call in your master diamond blueprints, lay them on my adjusting table, work on you as if you're here with me, and then send your repaired patterns back to you.

Simply send me your:

  • Full name at birth
  • Birth date
  • Email address for feed-back
  • Details of any area you wish to focus on, such as:

Sweeping emotional triggers and residue from events like loss of a loved one; divorce; redundancy; adoption; abandonment; injury; miscarriage; financial or health challenges

Etheric surgery. Specific focus on physical ailments and dysfunction like injuries; reproductive; digestive; circulatory; kidney or respiratory issues

A general tune-up. Just not feeling quite right? This includes structural alignment of your master diamond blueprints; and etheric healing of your physical and emotional issues

You can also book absent healings to help your animals
*Absent healing is not intended as a cure-all for medical illness
** I allocate the same time and fee as a regular healing session however these are not eligible for health fund rebates.

Joanne's absent healingsare sensitive and powerful .After the healingappointment Joanne provides feedbackand suggestions to move on the healing process.She is always insightful, accurate andsometimes surprising! Sally

I have been a patient of Dr Joanne Messenger's for about 10 years and love my sessions with her. Sometimes though, in our busy lives, it's difficult to fit in an appointment, so I was thrilled a couple of years ago when Joanne told me that she could do absent healings. They have proved to be invaluable and I can certainly feel and see the difference when she's done an absent healing for me. It's a wonderful gift she has and I feel grateful for her and her gift. Katherine