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You don't have to be born with a healing gift in order to heal yourself.

With the guidance of Be in One Peace, the new book by Dr. Joanne Messenger, you can learn easy ways to deal with stress, rise above pain and release the shackles of your past. Using her unique blend of ancient, eastern and western philosophy, Dr. Messenger can help you connect with your highest vision of yourself and enjoy a new lease on life.

Dr Messenger describes her prescription for living a healthier, more abundant and fulfilling life through the sharpening of one's awareness, energy, and focus. She has the rare ability to present very detailed information, on how to clear and heal oneself, with an easy-to-follow and practical format.


by Dr Joanne Messenger

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Whether you're new to self healing, want more powerful and easier techniques, or you're on a committed spiritual journey, Be In One Peace has gifts of gold for you.

  • This book is not just another chakra book. It is cover to cover essential knowledge and techniques based on practical experience, to get you the results you need—step by step.
  • Learn how to Master Your Energy Budget, Reclaim Yourself from Old Relationships and Events, Repair Your Heart Strings, Integrate Your Heart and Mind, and ease pain and stress to improve your health.
  • This book is for everyone who wants an easy and painless way to deal with stress, release the shackles of the past and live with more peace.
  • Say good-bye to anxiety, poverty consciousness and defensiveness. Align with the highest vision of yourself and enjoy your new life

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