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One-On-One Blueprint Healing Sessions
If you're worried about your health, feeling tired all the time, coping with headaches, enduring mood changes, suffering aches and pains, catching everything that's going around or things don't feel right and you don't know why, then call for an appointment on (+61) 410 668 070

Personal and private healing sessions are tailored to your needs.
The prime focus in the one on one sessions is on your energy or Master Diamond Blueprints.

Why do you have the conditions, reactions and expectations you do?
By removing the emotional triggers from your Master Diamond Blueprint you can truly heal and retain your wisdom, rather than simply gaining relief for a while and having the same symptoms and situations keep returning.

Blueprint Healing
Dr Joanne Messenger's Blueprint Healing is a gentle, non-intrusive, proven and potent method of working with the Master Diamond Blueprints PLUS the physical structure and alignment of the body—to help people like you get well, stay well and align with the highest vision of themselves.

Blueprint Healing is a progressive fusion of east and west including Chiron Healing, modern chiropractic, Pranic Healing, Pleiadean Light Work, NLP, Essential Oils, vibrational essences, nutrition, herbs and supplements, colour and sound healing.

It is ideal for all ages from new-borns to seniors, especially anyone who isn't responding to more traditional treatments, as well as the less mobile and people suffering sports injuries.

The Most Popular Requests are for:

  • Structural Alignment
    Is essential for optimum physical health and function. This is the mainstay for all deeper work to remove sabotage, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Sweeping
    Sweeping removes the emotional triggers from your Master Diamond Blueprints, from prior events like loss of a loved one, divorce, financial loss, redundancy, adoption, abandonment, injury, miscarriage and past life trauma. It corrects the damage at the source so you can move on without losing the gift of the lesson.
  • Etheric Surgery
    Etheric surgery is energetic surgery on the etheric and energy bodies akin to surgery on the physical body. It allows specific focus on physical ailments and dysfunctions like injuries; or reproductive, digestive, blood, kidney or respiratory issues.
  • Removing Names
    This is a powerful and effective way of removing the energy of people who are no longer appropriate for you, from your blueprint. It is more complete than simply cutting cords.
  • General Tune-Up
    A general tune-up is helpful when you you're just not feeling quite right This includes structural alignment of your master diamond blueprints and etheric healing of your physical and emotional issues.
  • Take Home Products for "Self Help"