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How to Get the Most from Your Sessions

Download "How to Get the Most Out of Your Healing Sessions with Dr Jo" pdf  
I understand your time is precious so I've jotted down a few simple and useful tips to help you get the most out of your sessions with me.

  • Get clear on what you want from the session before you arrive
    If you ask someone to clean your house but you really want them to clean your oven you'll likely get a better result if you actually ask them to clean your oven.

E.g. Are you seeking:
- Pain relief from a physical ailment or injury?
- Healing focus on a physical condition or dysfunction? (E.g. digestion, hormone, circulation, respiratory, kidney, bladder, fertility or immune issues)
- Healing focus on another issue? (E.g. relationship, money, spiritual direction, memory, learning ability, sleep quality, depression, ability to concentrate or focus)
-Sweeping to remove emotional triggers from challenging events in your life? (E.g. loss of a loved one, divorce, child-birth, financial loss, redundancy, adoption, abandonment, injury, miscarriage)
- Sweeping to remove triggers from a past life issue? 
- A general "tune-up" to structurally re-align your master diamond blueprints and remove interference to your nerve system promoting optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Arrive a few minutes early so you can relax, go to the toilet if you need and begin to slow your breathing to allow the deepest shifts possible. If you're rushing, stressed and take 10 minutes to settle you're not making the most of your time with me.
  • Ask me for help with what you've decided to release as soon as we get started. We can "socialize" once we've got the intent for the session set.
  • Get clear on how you choose to progress

- Are you a "fast tracker" or "on a committed spiritual path"? Great—Make a list of what you know you need to forgive, heal or release (bring it with you and cross them off as you go)—book your sessions ahead—and get ready to embrace the new you.
- Are you a "stop and starter"? Great—Decide what you're ready to resolve now and then come back when you've re-integrated and ready to move on some more.
- Do you just want to cry on someone's shoulder and not change a thing? —Call your friends!

  • Be organized and bring your diary so we can streamline your appointments as much as possible.
  • If you need to re-schedule please do-so as soon as possible.