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Chiropractic doctor tells how to use body's signals to achieve peace
MELBOURNE, Australia — Can pain be a good thing?

According to Dr. Joanne Messenger, a chiropractor, healer and international course facilitator, pain isn't only good — it's an essential tool needed for the road to overall mental and physical health.

In her new book, Be in One Peace: Essential Skills for Thriving in the New World, Dr. Messenger details how to understand pain as a way to pinpoint mental and physical issues that have been ignored and need to be resolved.

"Disease and pain are your body's way of telling you what is wrong — like where you need to change what you're doing," says Dr. Messenger. "Pain is a gift! If you didn't know, you could keep going down paths that aren't aligned with your soul's purpose."

Understanding the origin of pain is only one part of Dr. Messenger's story. A licensed chiropractor and Chiron healer, Dr. Messenger has been treating patients for over 30 years using her self-healing spiritual alignment techniques.

"Some people think you need to be born with a healing gift, but the truth is, with the right guidance, anyone can develop healing skills," she says. "That's the whole point of Be in One Peace."

Dr. Messenger's trademark technique, Blueprint Healing, is a fusion of ancient, eastern and western philosophy coupled with modern understanding of energy, anatomy and physiology, guiding patients to learn how to heal themselves.

"I believe in people's ability to recover and heal themselves, "Dr. Messenger says. "If their body can put it there, it can also take it away when given the right conditions."

Be in One Peace: Essential Skills for Thriving in the New World
By Dr. Joanne Messenger 
ISBN: 9781452501864(sc); 9781452501871(e)
6"x9" soft cover, retail price: US$25.99
E-book price: $9.99
Available at http://www.drjoannemessenger.com

About the author
Dr. Joanne Messenger has practiced as a chiropractor, healer and international course facilitator for over 30 years. She lives in Woodend, Australia and is Australia's best-known teacher of Chiron philosophies and techniques. She has a bachelor's degree in applied science, an Excellence Award in radiology and is certified with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (USA) and in Sacro-Occipital Technique as well as in practicing and teaching Blueprint Healing. Dr. Messenger is past principal of the Australian Energy School of Chiron and former vice president of the International Association of Chiron Healers, Inc.


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